TriDot Accelerator Program

The TriDot Accelerator Program (TAP) is a 60-day program designed to ensure your success and accelerate your progress with additional support, accountability, and education. All new TriDot athletes activating Complete or Premium subscriptions are eligible to opt-in to TAP during their 14-Day Free Test Drive. Best of all, it's completely free!

After more than a decade of working with thousands of athletes, the data shows that athletes who commit to their training with TriDot on average experience 3 times the performance gains, in up to 30% less training time, and with significantly lower injury risk than they would without TriDot.

We are so certain of this that we guarantee it!

If you commit to your training, we'll commit to your results!

Guarantee 60-day Money Back 60-day Money Back PerformanceGuarantee 60-day Money Back PerformanceGuarantee

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If after completing the TriDot Accelerator Program you don't believe that TriDot is without question the best training option available, we'll cancel your subscription and give you 100% of your money back!

TriDot and You

We'll give you the tools. All you have to do is use them.

Your TriDot Training Program

Your TriDot training will be optimized specifically for you and continually re-optimized as we get more data. You'll have the opportunity to set preferences such as day off, long days, and training volume. It will deliver better results, in less time, and with lower injury risk than any other training option.

Do your training

Commit to completing at least 50% of your scheduled training. We find that athletes either engage and do their training or they don't. Don't stress about exactly how much you think you'll be able to do. The more of your program you do, the better. But doing some is better than none. If you commit to 50%, you'll be well on your way to more. Just get started!

Performance Assessments

Your initial assessments will be done during your Test Drive period. After these, assessments are typically scheduled every four weeks depending on the races you've selected.

Complete Your Assessments

Commit to getting these assessments completed. These assessments benchmark your progress, establish your training zones, and are key factors in optimization of your training and calculating your race split projections.

Personal Orientation Call

After applying for TAP during your Test Drive, you'll receive an invitation to schedule an individual Orientation Call with one of our Training Advisors. One of their objectives is to ensure that your experience with TriDot is as exceptional as your performance gains. The purpose of this short call is to confirm that all your questions are answered and to share a few insights and answers to questions you may not think to ask.

Complete Your Orientation Call

Make the most of this call by having your Quick Start items completed and watching the "Overview" and "Getting Started" categories of the "How It Works" series prior to the call. This call will be an opportunity to ask any outstanding questions you have and make sure that you're 100% ready to get the most out of your training!

Educational Resources

Learning and mental engagement is a critical part of training. TriDot provides many educational resources from in-app "Learn More" videos and smart tips to a comprehensive knowledge base and the full "How It Works" educational series. The 'How It Works' athlete-education series contains short videos that will give you a fundamental understanding of TriDot's optimized training and the 'why' behind what you're doing in your training each day. They'll dispel many prevalent training myths and help you recognize outdated training concepts when you come across them that are based on theory, tradition, and trial & error training.

Mentally Engage in Your Training

Seek to understand what you're doing and why. Take advantage of the many educational resources available. Specifically, commit to watch the 'How It Works' series of educational videos including (Overview, Getting Started, and Foundations). You'll get far more out of your training with a deeper understanding of your training objectives and the bedrock foundation of science, data, and technology your training is based on. A relatively few minutes of learning will pay off in hours of more productive training and better race results!

Two Coach Check-in Consultations

At three and six-weeks, we'll send you an email to initiate a "Coach Check-In". One of our coaches will send you a brief pre-consult questionnaire and review your training in preparation for a 15-to-30 minute complimentary consultation. These will include a progress review, recommendations, and a Q&A. Based on athlete feedback, check-ins are invaluable and take training to the next level!

Complete Coach Check-Ins

Make the most of these complimentary coach consultations! Technology can design the perfect training program, but you still may have questions and will benefit from hearing the perspective. Commit to completing the consults and making the most of them!

Priority Support

We have several on-demand support resources available 24/7 as well as full-time support staff ready to help you with any issue or question you have. Our passion and commitment is to help you reach and surpass your triathlon goals. As a TAP participant, you'll receive top-priority support!

Leverage Available Support

Call on us when you need us. If something doesn't make sense to you or doesn't feel right, let us know right away. We're experts at triathlon training. Give us the privilege of proving it to you, by giving you access to the the best support team in the industry!

Get outstanding results and become a committed TriDot Athlete!

Want to learn more and dive even deeper? Get ahead of the curve and start by learning about TriDot.

How to Apply for the TriDot Accelerator Program

You can apply for the TriDot Accelerator Program at any time during your Test Drive or within the first five days after activating your first paid TriDot subscription. Your enrollment won't be complete until you have finished the Test Drive "Quick Start" items to set up your account, completed your Orientation Call, and activated a paid TriDot subscription. To apply for the TriDot Accelerator Program, use the application link sent to you in your "Welcome to TriDot!" email sent right after you initiated your Test Drive.

Terms and Conditions for 60-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • To be eligible for the 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, athletes must fulfill the TAP Enrollment Requirements and TAP Completion Commitments as defined below.
  • TAP Enrollment Requirements: Athletes must complete their TAP enrollment application, Quick Start items including initial assessments, and TriDot Orientation Call during their Test Drive or within the first five days after activating their first paid TriDot subscription at Complete or Premium.
  • TAP Completion Commitments (to be fulfilled during the TAP Period):
    1. Complete at least fifty percent of TriDot prescribed training.
    2. Complete prescribed swim, bike, and run assessments during the TAP Period. (These are typically scheduled about every four weeks.)
    3. Complete the How It Works education series.
    4. Complete the two 15- to 30-minute TAP Complimentary Coach Check-in Calls.
  • “Completed“ training sessions and assessments are defined as only those TriDot prescribed sessions that have training data files linked to them.
  • The 60-Day “TAP Period“ starts on the date you activate your first paid subscription and ends on the 60th day after that activation.
  • If after successfully fulfilling the TAP requirements and commitments as described above, you don’t believe that TriDot is without question the best training option available, email us at, and we’ll cancel your subscription and refund 100% of your money. Your refund will include all fees paid for your subscription (activation and monthly).
  • Refund requests will only be accepted during the first fifteen days immediately following your TAP Period.
  • TAP is an opt-in program with no obligation to complete other than for eligibility for the 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • You may always cancel your subscription at any time without refund or further obligation.