Chuck Schnell

TriDot Ambassador

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My journey to TriDot has been tattered with injury. After finding triathlon in 2012 and finishing my first 140.6 in 2014, nagging leg injuries have kept me from reaching my potential. Utilizing a generic training plan led to further pain and continued struggles, yet my spirit has never been broken. Training on a budget, I decided to try TriDot on an introductory offer and was instantly hooked. I became obsessed with my TrainX scores and had to fight my previously programmed mind. I still wanted to train as I had been and believed I wasn’t pushing myself enough with the TriDot program. Until I began seeing the results. I was getting faster, stronger, and my legs have never felt better. My splits across the three disciplines were dropping and I was feeling an uplifted spirit. I was once again eager to train and not focusing on the pain it brought. TriDot has taken my desire and love of the sport to the next level and my fitness along with it.

Look in the mirror, that’s your competition

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