Dale Barrett

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level


I started my Triathlon journey 5 years ago when I decided I wanted to do a Triathlon. I trained on my own learning what I could from friends and other Triathletes I knew. I lost a little weight and got better at the 3 disciplines at what I would call on OK rate. I did my first Tri (a sprint) in May of 2015. My next event was the same sprint in 2016 and then later that summer I completed my first 70.3 and I was hooked. I have now completed The same sprint 4 times and have done a total of four 70.3s I also completed my first Olympic distance last season. The 2019 season holds a Full 140.6 Ironman, a sprint, an Olympic and a 70.3 as well as several local running events.

Thanks to the TriDot system I have found a way to train smarter and have real results without wasting miles and time. The Tridot system is working for me. It takes the guesswork out of workouts and helps free my time for other things like Home and Work

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift- Steve Prefontaine

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