David Rivera

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

Performance Level


I’ve been doing triathlons since the mid-late 1990’s and I’ve been passionate for triathlon ever since then. Most of my races from the beginning were sprint to Olympic distance, and I eventually graduated to the half and full Ironman. My first half IM was 70.3 Miami in 2010, and my fist full IM was IM Texas in 2016.

Triathlon has taught me a lot about myself. Mostly, is that I’ve always been self-motivated and willing to do the work necessary to succeed. However, my anxiousness for quick results has also plagued me in the past. I still have a passion to train and race after so many years in the sport, and I hope to continue as long as I am abled bodied!

Be thankful for your life, spend time in nature, breath deeply, let go of your worries, forgive yourself and others, and build your life around what you love

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