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I am a soccer mom, a wife, a full-time marketing professional in telecommunications, a Sunday school teacher and now a triathlete. As you can see, I have a full plate and my time is at a premium. TriDot helps me to achieve my goals and stay on track for my toughest triathlons – in the most efficient ways! I love the structure that TriDot offers since it takes the pressure off of planning each workout for me. I am a triathlete simply because I enjoy it, and I don’t have time to fuss with complicated training plans. Although my goals do not include becoming crazy competitive, I love to constantly see improvements and basically enjoy the sport simply for the joy of the sport.

This journey started as I looked over the beach in Oceanside while on vacation with a friend. I mentioned that I would love to do that Half Ironman someday. He basically said that you only live once and I should start training for it. That was about a year ago, and in April, we both competed in the Oceanside 70.3. I immediately signed up for 3 more. I’ve certainly gotten bitten by the triathlon bug, and I am enjoying every second of it. Watching the sunrise over Lake Mead is one of my favorite rewards for dragging myself out of bed at 4:30 in the morning.

One of the awesome side effects of all this training is the wonderful network of triathletes. Because everyone started somewhere, tips and support are always there. I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and athletes and so very grateful that I fell into this sport. I believe that with a supportive family and a LOT of self-discipline, everyone who has the will can do this. Yes, it takes lots of time, but it’s worth it. Sometimes it can get a bit lonely on those long desert roads, and I always tell myself to “Enjoy the Journey.”

She Believed She Could So She Did– R.S. Grey

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