Madden on Excellence: Adding Excellence to Your "A" Race

As the 2017 season comes to a close it is essential to start reviewing your season highlights and challenges and start the necessary planning to build your next season around your “A” race. Your “A” race should be the pinnacle of your season. It is the one race that you really want to master and demonstrate a high level of excellence. It is the one race where you will bring your “A” game and get a huge return on your season investment. Furthermore, experiencing excellence during this race will be the litmus test of how well you followed your season training program, nutritional program, advice from your coach, and execution of your race strategy. What does it feel like to…

Madden on Excellence: Mental Excellence - The Forgotten Fitness from Within

What goes into a display of mastery? Why do some world-class athletes make a physical activity look so effortless? How much mental fitness is needed to achieve your personal goals, reach your personal best, or get on the podium? I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and how it will contribute or take away from achieving excellence. Athletes at all levels spend most of their time developing their physical fitness with dedicated sessions designed to improve their speed, strength, and stamina for their race season or “A” race. While this is essential, it is equally important to invest and make a deposit into your mental fitness account. This might seem counter intuitive; however, I firmly believe…

Madden on Excellence: From Adversity to Excellence

As I child growing up in a dysfunctional home in an inner-city area, I learned about the realities of adversity. Adversity was all around me and overcoming challenges both at school and at home were a major part of my everyday world. To manage these uncertainties, I learned the importance of persistence and always striving to do my best in all endeavors no matter how bad things appeared. Athletics was the place that seemed to be my niche and where I was in my element. During practice and competition, my desire to reach a high level of performance became one of the character traits that allowed me to embrace “excellence.” Performing at a high level in the competitive arena was…

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