For the Record: June 2016 - Is Caffeine Before Racing a Good Idea?

NO – Coach Nick Seidel Caffeine is not recommended before triathlon participation. Research supports that caffeine does improve performance on many types of activities. Adequate rest and a solid nutritional plan will sustain optimal performance better than caffeine for a less reliable effect. Referring to an article by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, in the 2005 IRONMAN World Championship, 53% of the athletes interviewed did not know what proper dose of caffeine or method would enhance performance. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the optimal dose of caffeine is 3-6 mg/kg for enhanced performance. The best effect is when caffeine is consumed in an anhydrous state opposed to drinking coffee. Research also disproves the common conception that…

For the Record: April 2016 - Should IRONMAN Events Feature Separate Start Times for Men and Women?

YES: Coach Claudia Smith Yes, I think IRONMAN events should have separate starts for men and women. Why not? IRONMAN tested the separate starts this year at the World Championships with age group men starting at 6:50 a.m. (25 minutes after the pro women wave) and age group women starting at 7 a.m. I personally think the ideal start would be a rolling start for the men and then a rolling start for the women 10 to 15 minutes later. This will still put the strong female swimmers in the front and they will be able to legally draft off of other females. This also releases some of the congestion at the swim start which makes it easier for the lifeguards to…

For the Record: March 2016 - Does Having the Latest Triathlon Equipment Help the Average Age Group Triathlete?

Does having the latest triathlon equipment help the average age group triathlete? NO: COACH CASEY ARENDT When I walk onto the deck of any pool, I can spot the presence of triathletes immediately – they are the ones with the pile of equipment at the end of their lane. Our sport is full of people who like to have the latest gear, and there are hundreds of companies vying for our hard-earned dollars. Flip through any triathlon-oriented magazine, and you’ll be barraged with the latest in running shoe technology, ultralight carbon bikes, aero wheels and helmets, GPS watches, electronic shifting, power meters, watt-based trainers, swimming paddles and gadgets, etc. It’s enough to make any newcomer to the sport hang onto…

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