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Kurt Madden’s Hall of Fame Triathlon Career: A Lifetime of Excellence

Another top 10 finish at the Ultraman World Championships on the Big Island of Hawaii. That makes the fourth time that Kurt Madden has completed the triathlon-of-all-triathlons. He won two of the first three events back in 1983-85. Kurt Madden and Ultraman—and triathlon in general—are synonymous with winning and excellence. Starting his endurance-sport career in 1975, he’s still going strong. In fact, at this year’s Ultraman World Championships, he not only finished 8th overall and set a new age-group swim course record, he was inducted into the Ultraman World Championships Hall of Fame. Here are a few more of his accomplishments:   TriDot Coach, Ironman Certified Coach, USAT Certified Coach 3-Time Top 10 Finisher, Ironman World Championships 3-Time #1 Ranked…

Where's Your Triathlon Race Focus: Beating Your PR or the Competition?

Triathletes are pyromaniacs. They need fire. They need passion. The best fuel for their burning flame is a competitive drive. However, what differs from one triathlete to another is where that competitive drive is directed. Is it against yourself or against others? There will always be a place for those who merely want to get in shape, but if you’ve found your way to a website dedicated to triathlon coaching, chances are your ultimate goal is to go faster. That means your racing focus is probably to either improve your PR or beat the competition. Or both! If your triathlon goal is solely dedicated to beating your PR, then that will affect how you race. A focus on bettering your…

From Tragedy to Transformation

Why do tragedies disrupt our lives? Why do unforeseen hardships rock our worlds? Why do catastrophes shake us to the core of our beings? The only certainty in life, it seems, is that there is uncertainty in life, and that unfortunate events befall us all. It’s how we deal with them that determines the course and character of our lives. Thirty-one years ago I lost my baby sister, Cindy, to meningitis. It's a story I rarely talk about. It feels strange to even mention it. I'm doing it for one reason: to share something that shaped me into the person I am today. When I was nine and Cindy was four months old, I came home from school one day…

Stories of Inspiration - Women in Triathlons

It was 2009. She found herself 60 pounds overweight and battling chronic bouts of depression and anxiety. That year was a turning point for Melanie Bocock. She connected with a psychologist and the depression began to clear. As the healing began to flow into her heart and soul, it also began to influence her physically. What began with walks turned into short runs and over the next year evolved into a passion for triathlon. Since then, Melanie not only has lost the 60 pounds, going from a size 16 to a size 2, but has also completed over a dozen triathlons - including a full Ironman on her 40th birthday. But that’s only part of the story. As Melanie shares…

My IRONMAN Challenge: From Five Simple Words to Mission - Kona

We’ve all done it. Inadvertently or prematurely sent a post on social media and then later thought twice about it. Most of the time there isn’t a significant consequence. In my case, there was. It was really quite innocent. A friend of mine, a board member for Women For Tri, made a Facebook post announcing the application process in their search for a woman who embodies the spirit of their foundation. The honor: a spot at the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii (everyone else has to qualify for the prestigious event). The challenge: the selected woman would be responsible for raising $25,000 to support the organization’s mission. Despite the incredible challenge, I was intrigued and inspired. I love…

3 Reasons to Train with Purpose

Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute-mile barrier, talked about the purpose for which he ran in his autobiography, “Four Minute Mile.” He wrote that it “should become a striving to achieve more and more, not for purely selfish motives, but because of the recognition of some higher purpose.” Bannister found the purpose for why he ran, and he changed his life and the world around him. You can do the same in triathlon training. If you can find your purpose for competing in triathlons and train with that purpose in mind, you’ll not only be able to determine a motivation and method for your athletic pursuits, you’ll develop the strength and mental fortitude to accomplish them. There…

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