Jessica Baxter: Finding Gratitude in Every Moment

On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall, burying much of Houston and the surrounding areas under several feet of water. TriDot Coach, Jessica Baxter, and her family, lost everything - their apartment, many valuables and even both cars.  If you've ever met Jessica, you know that she is one of the most positive and supportive people out there. In fact, last year she raced Kona and raised $40,000 for Women for Tri! She lives her life to serve others.  In the midst of loss and despair, though, she and her husband have remained full of hope and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, she shares with you her personal gratitude list. When you have lost most everything, you realize how little value ‘things’ hold.…

How to Motivate for Triathlon Training

When you’re not “in it,” finding the motivation to train is a difficult hurdle to climb. The desire to train doesn’t usually spark out of thin air. It’s developed by positioning yourself within the right mental and physical circumstances. So if you’re having trouble staying motivated in your triathlon training then here’s some advice on how to buck that trend. Create Goals Training just to train is a difficult task to take on. When there’s no urgency or event on the horizon it’s easy to ask yourself why you’re even doing anything triathlon related in the first place. Therefore, a triathlete always needs a goal to be shooting for. The misconception, however, is that this goal always needs to be…

Where's Your Triathlon Race Focus: Beating Your PR or the Competition?

Triathletes are pyromaniacs. They need fire. They need passion. The best fuel for their burning flame is a competitive drive. However, what differs from one triathlete to another is where that competitive drive is directed. Is it against yourself or against others? There will always be a place for those who merely want to get in shape, but if you’ve found your way to a website dedicated to triathlon coaching, chances are your ultimate goal is to go faster. That means your racing focus is probably to either improve your PR or beat the competition. Or both! If your triathlon goal is solely dedicated to beating your PR, then that will affect how you race. A focus on bettering your…

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