The Buzz Around the TrainX Challenge

A successful 2020 starts with a strategic preseason Your renewed strategy and focused work in the preseason are where next year's race results begin. And this year, the preseason just got even better! We recently launched the TrainX Challenge, partnering with such noted brands as Cervelo, Garmin, State Wheels, ROKA, TriBike Transport, Rudy Project, TriTats, and UCAN. More than $50,000 in prizes will be awarded for “doing the RIGHT training RIGHT.”  Jeff Booher, founder and CEO of TriDot, said, “We’re certainly excited about all the incredible prizes—22 smart trainers in 22 weeks along with a $22,000 Ultimate Triathlon Dream Package giveaway. But our goal isn’t to give away free trainers, it’s to give athletes the opportunity to use TriDot, our…

4 Triathlon Training Myths to Avoid Heading into Next Season

A common dictionary definition of a “myth” is a “widely held but false belief or idea.” That’s means it’s double trouble. First, it’s a false understanding of a matter, usually based on incorrect assumptions. And second, it’s widely held and one in which many people believe whole-heartedly.  Especially in triathlon, training according to a myth is a recipe for disaster. You should never simply “follow the herd” (or do what works well for your training partners). Instead, you should always know exactly what your training principles and strategies are and why you're pursuing them. The start of a new season is the perfect time to expose some common myths, learn from their errors, and set a new course toward the…
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3 Essential Steps for Season Transition

Just as successfully navigating T1 and T2 transitions is essential in putting together a seamless and effective race performance, so is the importance of the transition from one triathlon season to the next. The time between your last race of this season and your first race of the next is a valuable opportunity to spend some time recovering and attending to any nagging injuries, evaluating your past training and race season, and discovering new techniques and setting new goals for getting faster for the upcoming season. Consider these important areas as you cool down from last season and warm up for the next: 1. Rest & Relax You’ve just completed another strenuous training and racing season of swimming, biking, and…

The Genetics of Athletics: Reach Your Potential

Have you ever heard someone say – “That athlete’s a natural! It must be in his/her DNA.” – meaning that the athlete’s impressive ability is a result of their genetics. And while “natural talent” still requires dedicated training and skill development, there is a world of genetic information contained within an athlete’s DNA that predisposes them to respond to different types of training in predictable ways. Therefore, it begs the question, if the genetic information is known, how can it be used to alter triathlon training for optimal performance for any athlete at any performance level?   That’s exactly what the TriDot team has been pursuing, and now we’re excited to launch our industry-disrupting genetics module, PhysiogenomiX (genetically optimized triathlon…

The Triathlon Swim: 3 Key Insights Part 3 - Drafting

Our previous discussions of the three key insights within the triathlon swim established an understanding of how and why start position and sighting in an open water race are both influential to your overall triathlon swim success. While sighting is an especially invaluable skill, it (sometimes) loses its necessity once you’re drafting behind a competent swimmer. And that’s only the beginning of the advantages. Yes, indeed, the benefits of drafting are substantial. Drafting Ever been on a group ride with a litter of road cyclists and led the pack? What happens when you fall into the middle of the group? Suddenly you’re coasting, yet the pace hasn’t dropped. Until you’ve experienced group drafting on the bike for yourself, you might…

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