Take your coaching services to the next level by leveraging TriDot’s decades of proven results and turn-key optimized training technology especially for coaches.

TriDot increases your profitability and the value of the services you offer your athletes. TriDot’s technology will give your athletes better results in less time with fewer injuries while you focus on the human, non-data side of coaching.

Let TriDot handle the data to free you to work with your athletes and increase profits!

How It Works

    • Your athletes get full TriDot functionality and do not pay any subscription fees to TriDot.
    • TriDot’s optimization technology designs and continually optimizes training specifically for each of your athletes.
    • TriDot analytics monitor and adjust training to ensure ongoing maximum performance while maintaining athlete health and recovery.
    • You retain full control of your athlete’s training plan and can add, remove, or adjust training as desired.
    • You set your pricing and service packages.
    • Your athletes pay you directly. (optional billing management available)
    • Your athletes have full access to TriDot resources, webinars, on-site events, private groups, and so forth.
    • You have the opportunity to participate in the TriDot Coach Network and receive ongoing support as you develop and manage your business.

TriDot Coach Pricing

One low fixed monthly fee.  No activation fee.  No per athlete fees.


up to 4 athletes*


unlimited athletes*

* All athletes must be personally coached by the coach and paying the coach at least $150/month for individual coaching services.

Optional Billing Management

TriDot’s billing management service is available if you want TriDot to handle payments and billing for your athletes. Your billing preference must be specified when you set up your coach account. The fee for this service is 10% of the total revenue processed.

    • TriDot processes payments and handles credit card updates.
    • TriDot absorbs credit-card processing fees.
    • TriDot provides monthly and annual financial reporting.
    • TriDot issues coach payments at each month end less the 10% management fee.

Requirements and Opportunities

    • The TriDot Coach Program is limited to certified coaches (or trainers). Coaches are required to maintain related certification from an approved entity or submit proof of equivalent coaching experience.
    • You have the opportunity to achieve TriDot's Level 1 and Level 2 Accreditations.
    • Level 2 coaches are eligible to receive athlete referrals from TriDot.

Coaching Overview and FAQ

Accreditation Opportunities

TriDot Level 1 Accreditation Requirements:

    • Must be actively using a TriDot Coach Account for at least 6 consecutive months
    • Maintain certification from an approved entity or submit proof of equivalent coaching experience.
    • TriDot Accreditation application completed
    • Complete the Level 1 Accreditation Course and receive a passing grade on the exam.
    • Provide proof of current liability insurance - minimum of $1,000,000 (USD) in coverage per coach for coaches based in the US and a minimum of $250,000 in coverage per coach for coaches located outside of the US.

TriDot Level 2 Accreditation Requirements:

    • Meet all requirements of TriDot Level 1 Accreditation
    • Hold a Level 1 Accreditation for a minimum of 12 consecutive months
    • Maintain Coach Account at Unlimited level for prior 12 consecutive months
    • Have 10 active athletes attached to your Coach Account at the time of Level 2 application
    • Complete the Level 2 Accreditation Course and receive a passing grade on the exam
    • A letter of recommendation from two athletes
    • Level 2 interview by TriDot's Director of Coaching

TriDot Level 2 Accreditation Benefits:

    • TriDot Level 2 Accredited Coaches are eligible to participate in the TriDot Coach Accelerator program. Through this program, TriDot markets Level 2 coaches, refers qualified athletes to Level 2 coaches, and handles all billing transactions via the billing management service.
    • TriDot Level 2 Accreditation logo
    • Each TriDot Level 2 Coach is included on TriDot’s featured coach page.

Coach Application Process

The first step in setting up your TriDot Coach Account is submitting an application. This will be followed with account verification and detailed information about onboarding and TriDot coach resources. 

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