Take your coaching services to the next level by leveraging TriDot’s decades of proven results and turn-key optimized training technology especially for coaches.

TriDot's Augmented Coaching™ services increase your profitability and the value of the services you offer your athletes. TriDot’s technology optimizes program design giving your athletes better results in less time with fewer injuries while you focus on the "human" aspects of coaching.

Let TriDot handle the data to free you to work with your athletes increasing the quality of service for them and the income for you.

How It Works

    • Your athletes get full TriDot functionality.
    • TriDot’s optimization technology designs and continually optimizes training specifically for each of your athletes.
    • TriDot analytics monitor and adjust training to ensure ongoing maximum performance while maintaining athlete health and recovery.
    • You retain full control of your athlete’s training plan and can add, remove, or adjust training as desired.
    • You set your pricing and service packages.
    • Your athletes have full access to TriDot resources, webinars, on-site events, private groups, and so forth.
    • You have the opportunity to participate in the TriDot Coach Network and receive ongoing support as you develop and manage your business.

Coaching Overview and FAQ

Benefits of TriDot's Augmented Coaching™

    • Save time by using TriDot technology to design and optimize athlete training
    • Provide higher quality training programs for your athletes
    • Have more time to work with athletes and provide higher-value coaching services (education, accountability, motivation, race strategy, nutrition, season planning, form and mechanics, group training, community building, mental skills, training adjustments for injury, illness, and travel)
    • Have more time to market and grow business
    • Participate with your athletes at TriDot-hosted camps
    • Leverage TriDot's educational resources for your athletes
    • Leverage TriDot's marketing initiatives to grow your business
    • Participate in the expansive TriDot Coach Network
    • Get discounts for you and your athletes in the TriDot Store
    • Use TriDot's billing services to avoid administrative headaches and stress

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TriDot for Coaches

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