Implement new strategies to maintain and improve performance during this unprecedented time, and be entered in our random drawing to WIN $500.

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Challenging times present unique training opportunities. Triathletes around the world have lost access to pools and are unable to complete their traditional swim training. Time, energy, and focus that used to be spent in the pool can now be utilized to realize gains through tubing sessions.


Simply submit your most recent benchmark time, do the tubing training, and then on your fourth session back in the pool repeat the benchmark test and submit your results!

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Implementing tubing sessions is a great opportunity to improve form and increase strength. The exercises are relatively short and can be performed almost anywhere! When done correctly, tubing can improve form by reinforcing proper technique, increasing range of motion, and establishing muscle memory. Band resistance strengthens swim-specific muscle groups. Swimmers who consistently and properly execute tubing during this time of social distancing can actually return to the pool faster, stronger, and with better form!

After you sign up, we’ll send you several videos demonstrating exactly how to properly execute tubing sessions and what to focus on to reinforce good form and maximize gains. We’ll post new tubing workouts to the IAmTriDot Facebook group each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So keep your eyes on the group for more info!