Episode 101: Data-Driven Triathlon Training

In this episode, we examine the very foundation of your triathlon training.  What is your training based on?  What are you trusting in for results?
We explore data-driven training and how you can have complete confidence that you’re getting the most possible out of your training.
Data-driven triathlon training uses predictive analytics and other big-data technologies to design and optimize an athlete's training. To be defined as "data-driven", BOTH an athlete's individual data AND training and race data from a large population (big data) of similar athletes are required in the training design process to produce an optimal and individualized outcome for each athlete. In this approach, data is the basis of the training and drives decision-making and advice versus decision-making based on following a training template, someone's theory or what's worked for them in the past, or simply a trial and error approach. 

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