Optimized Triathlon Training™

powered by your data, genetics, predictive analytics, & artificial intelligence

Your Data + Our Technology = Optimized Training

Training designed with your data and our technology means better results in less time with fewer injuries.

Better Results

TriDot users improve an average of 3.2 times more than non-users.

Less Time

Performance Improvements in 30% less training time.

Fewer Injuries

Optimized training that reduces injury risk by 2.9x.

No Credit Card. No Obligation.

Import your data

Use your preferred device or app to automatically sync your data.


Export Your Sessions

Export compatible sessions for use on most smart trainers and training apps. TriDot supports .mrc, .erg, .zwo, and .fit file types.


Real People. Real Results.

TriDot has been building a thriving community of triathletes passionate about TriDot for more than a decade. Join the TriDot family, connect with fellow TriDotters, coaches, and staff, and experience TriDot for yourself.

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Athletes Love TriDot

TriDot's nSight™ Engine Makes Optimized Triathlon Training Possible.

TriDot’s nSight™ Engine is the core that drives its patents-pending performance technology. Leveraging big data insights from more than 15 years of training and race data, TriDot’s proprietary algorithms use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to generate optimized triathlon training. The nSight™ Engine combined with your biometric, genetic, and training data delivers better results in less time with fewer injuries.

PhysiogenomiX™ uses your DNA to further optimize training.

The first step in reaching your genetic potential is knowing what your genetic potential is. PhysiogenomiX™ leverages TriDot's groundbreaking nSight™ Engine to offer unparalleled training optimization based on your genetic profile. It analyzes your genome to measure your Training Intensity Response, Aerobic Potential, Recovery Rate, and Injury Predisposition and optimizes your training accordingly.

Learn More About PhysiogenomiX™

TrainX® Scores measure and motivate you to greater training gains.

TrainX® is TriDot’s proprietary analytic algorithm that evaluates your “training execution” of your optimized training relative to its value and impact on your overall performance improvement. Your TrainX® Score (1-100) helps you get more improvement from your training by helping you focus on 1) doing the right training and 2) doing the right training right.

Learn More About TrainX®

RaceX® helps you turn race potential into race reality.

RaceX® measures your race potential and evaluates your actual performances. It’s a one-of-a-kind technology that combines your training and performance data with actual or anticipated race conditions (temperature, humidity, elevation, terrain) to predict your race splits and help you set meaningful goals and optimize your pacing and nutrition.

EnviroNorm® means more accurate analysis and higher quality training.

Temperature, humidity, and elevation have a significant impact on your training and racing metrics. TriDot’s EnviroNorm® (environment normalization) technology accounts for these variables to keep your training and racing spot on!

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