Inspirational Triathlon Technology - The Training Plan

What do you remember the older, simpler times of endurance sports training?

How nostalgic do you get reminiscing about the more traditional days of training when it was just you versus the clock?

Especially for an older generation, there remains something elegantly satisfying in training under the pretense of simplicity. Yet one would be remiss to suggest there are no benefits from the advancements in endurance-aiding tools our current engineers and scientists have bestowed upon us.

Like it or not, technology is a valuable asset for the triathlete in training. The rules haven’t changed. It’s still you versus the elements, the competition, and the clock. But in preparation for race day, we now have tools and systems at our disposal.

Triathlon technology inspires us to push our bodies past the threshold. However, some tech is more encouraging than others. And as you’ll come to see, a rare few are truly indispensable.

We live in a world with every kind of compression apparel, power meters galore, toys for the pool, and watches that count our running steps. But what makes technology inspirational? What products give us reason to pursue an often-incalculable dream?

These are subjective questions, true. Yet even among biased views, there must be at least one truly inspirational component of triathlon technology almost any triathlete can benefit from using.

There is – and some may consider it pretty basic.

The Training Plan

You may question how a training plan can be considered triathlon technology.

It’s true that a traditional training schedule is nothing more than a weekly set of workouts to be completed as written. It’s simply descriptive – read it and do it.

The training plan that incorporates intelligent technology to not only be descriptive but also prescriptive and predictive is far more inspirational. Not just telling you what to do, but adjusting your prescribed workouts based on your past training results and even predicting how you’ll ultimately perform.

Now that’s inspiring.

An experienced coach is always crucial. But there are some elements of predicting what will work for the athlete that a coach cannot conclude either because it takes too much time or they don’t have access to technology that’s capable of “mining” data in order to find those hidden and underlying insights that are critical to creating an optimized training schedule.

For example, the balance between power threshold training and stamina training is delicate. Therefore, having a scientific approach can address these factors and expedite your rate of improvement.

TriDot was designed to address key issues like this, which can significantly impact training and performance. The sheer amount of technology contained within TriDot’s approach is astounding. It’s the perfect marriage of outside tools, such as power meters and heart rate monitors, and a program that evaluates your outputs through these devices. And the end result provides analytics that will predict your performance with incredible accuracy.

Long story short: the training plan learns from your body and your capabilities in order to give you workouts that will benefit YOU the most.

Knowing exactly how much stress is to be concentrated on stamina, power, strength, etc. based on your individual properties, time, and goals is true technology for your training beyond what a normal coach can provide.

Why is this inspirational? Well, what gets you motivated more than the excitement of getting faster?

A training plan that’s more than just “let’s try this and see if it works” is a program that delivers confidence and true inspiration. TriDot assures every workout holds meaning and is backed by hard science. It’s this assurance that will motivate and encourage you to attack every day with enthusiasm.

But most of all, this training plan allows you to focus on the future, not think about the past.


Triathlon technology is out there, but what truly differentiates one fancy tool from the next? Confidence in a training plan that has employed a technological system of Predictive Analytics is one such piece of tri tech that will inspire you to grow more as an athlete.


Do you agree that an intelligent technology-based training plan is one example of inspirational triathlon technology? If not, why? What are other examples of inspirational triathlon tech?

JARED MILAM is a professional triathlete, TriDot coach, and member of the Tri4Him Pro Team. He has 16 years of competitive running experience and 11 years of competitive triathlon experience with a half Iron PR of 3:59 and a full Iron PR of 8:30. Coaching under the TriDot system since 2011, Jared loves working with aspiring triathletes of all ages and performance levels.

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