Jessica Baxter: Finding Gratitude in Every Moment

On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall, burying much of Houston and the surrounding areas under several feet of water. TriDot Coach, Jessica Baxter, and her family, lost everything - their apartment, many valuables and even both cars. 

If you've ever met Jessica, you know that she is one of the most positive and supportive people out there. In fact, last year she raced Kona and raised $40,000 for Women for Tri! She lives her life to serve others. 

In the midst of loss and despair, though, she and her husband have remained full of hope and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, she shares with you her personal gratitude list.

  1. When you have lost most everything, you realize how little value ‘things’ hold. Your cherished mementoes may be lost and grieved, but memories of them will last a lifetime. 
  2. You realize how loved you are when close and distant family, friends and strangers will come running in the time of need; all going above and beyond to help. 
  3. Accepting gifts is something I'm not so good at doing. It’s humbling being in a position of need. Just as it’s a sign of love to give, it’s also a sign of love to accept. 
  4. Show gratitude to all those that give their time and resources to help you reach your goals. Handwritten thank you notes, flowers, cookies, etc., anything to express a "thank you" for the small or big gesture someone has given to make your life a little easier. "Thank you’s" go a long way and the best gift is continuing to pay it forward to others. 
  5. Every week we’ve been tested again and again with life changing news. We’ve been through more in seven weeks then we’ve been through in 15 years together. We feel stronger than ever to take on just about anything. 
  6. Puzzles are a great stress relief! 
  7. You can still eat healthy and live healthy even when you have little. 
  8. Don’t fight your feelings. Allow them to move through you. Allow yourself to feel sad, mad and angry. If you fight them they will last longer. Cleanse yourself of them so you can move on. 
  9. If you have a bad day, week, or month, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Keep moving forward and the sun will start to peak through the dark clouds. Storms must dump rain in order for things to grow. 
  10. Having a good coach rocks when going through a tough time!! I have the best! Training has been one of my saving graces in reducing stress and staying happy inside. Having personal goals for the future is so important! 
  11. You find your greatest strength in your weakest moments. 
  12. My family rocks! 

May you all be filled with happiness, health, friendship and gratitude this holiday weekend!

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