Aug 17 2020

Consider the Conditions: Adjusting Intensities to Your Training Environment

Triathletes know that temperature, humidity, and elevation have a significant impact on your training and racing metrics. But how do you know how much to adjust your pace or wattage in the summer heat and humidity or when training at a higher elevation? In this episode, TriDot founder and CEO, Jeff Booher, and exercise physiologist and TriDot coach, Jeff Raines, explain how TriDot’s EnviroNorm® (environment normalization) technology accounts for these variables to keep your training and racing spot on! Learn how TriDot localizes your prescribed training intensities to your anticipated environment to ensure that you are training at the intended intensity and producing the desired physiological adaptations from your training. And hear how TriDot normalizes your actual results to base values so that you can make real apples-to-apples comparisons of performances across different training environments.

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