Frequently asked Questions
Is there an option to have a coach?

If you’d like to have a 1-on-1 dedicated coach with regular communication, you can do so at a discounted rate for 2 months due to your participation in the Preseason Project. Email psp@tridot.com to learn more and be matched with a great coach fit for you and your goals. 

What are my options after my free training ends?

While there is no obligation to continue with TriDot for PSP athletes, we’d certainly love for you to stay. TriDot doesn’t require minimum commitment terms. We’re confident that once you experience TriDot’s optimized triathlon training and start to realize the results you’ll want to stick around and see how far TriDot and your hard work can take you! If you want to continue progressing toward your goals with TriDot, there’s nothing to do…just keep on going. After the PSP free or discounted period, you’ll be billed at the standard monthly rate.

If you want to cancel at any time, we’ll promptly cancel your subscription. No worries! We’ll ask you for some brief post-program feedback about your experience using TriDot to help us improve.

Keep in mind that we do have very affordable options starting at just 14.99/month (Lifestyle) for more recreational or budget-conscious triathletes.

Why is a credit card required for the free training?

A credit card is required as a measure to ensure all research participants are valid individuals, and to preserve the integrity of our research. You will not be charged anything at this time and can cancel at any time without incurring any fees.

What is the difference between the Mark Allen Edition and Premium packages?

The main difference between the two is that, with Premium, you get regular communication with your 1-on-1 dedicated coach.

Are the services and training programs for PSP athletes different from those given to athletes outside the program?

No. All PSP athletes receive exactly the same high-level of services as if they were paying full fare for their entire program. We’re striving to preserve as much of the typical TriDot athlete experience as possible so that the program is genuine and untainted by program participation.

Still Have Questions?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can always contact our team and we will answer you shortly!

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