Clubs Generate Revenue with TriDot's New Club Partner Program

TriDot's new Club Partner Program offers cycling, running, masters swim and triathlon clubs across the U.S. an opportunity to generate significant club revenue to offset expenses, fund needs or simply incent club members. Club members can use TriDot on an individual basis or in partnership with their current coach or a TriDot Coach. As an advanced analytics software for triathlon training, performance and coaching, TriDot's technology and big data discover deep and hidden insight in an athletes training data and convert this knowledge to highly personalized and optimized training and performance plans for both athletes and coaches. These plans adjust with the progression of an athlete's results.  TriDot's Club Partner Program has a simple framework. The program awards clubs with a generous monetary incentive on a per member basis according to the number of consecutive months a club member uses TriDot.…

TriDot's Extensive List of Partners

TriDot continues to expand our partners and programs across triathlon-related facilities, events, clubs, retailers, equipment/products, colleges and other triathlon-related organizations. Our current partners include: FACILITIES       AASA TriDot is the Official Triathlon Training Science of the Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy (AASA). AASA is a multisport training center in Austin, TX that combines expert coaching with a state-of-the-art facility that features a 50-meter Myrtha pool, 5,500+ sq foot indoor training facility, outdoor training spaces and an onsite running loop. It's the foremost destination for athletes looking to reach their performance and life goals in swimming, conditioning and triathlon training.  INFINITE SPORTS WORLD TriDot is the Exclusive Triathlon Training Science of Infinite Sports World (ISW). ISW is an Official Training Facility of TriDot. ISW is dedicated…

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