3 Reasons to Consider a Triathlon Coach

Triathletes are typically a solitary lot. Self-driven. Self-trained. Self-reliant. They often like to do things alone. The notion of seeking a coach to add value to their triathlon training can take many out of their comfort zones. But triathlon is a rigorous, multi-dimensional, multi-disciplined sport, which requires more than the average demands on an athlete. When you add the uniqueness of each athlete, from body composition, to athletic background, to triathlon experience, the best data and an experienced coach who can assist in the physical and mental demands of the sport will give you the best advantage you can ask for.   A coach delivers three key values to your athletic achievement and enjoyment: 1. Securing a triathlon coach reduces…
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TriDot Enables Coaches to Grow Their Business

TriDot's Technology saves coaches up to 3 hours per week per athlete in training plan design. Southlake, Texas – As part of its continued mission to be the undisputed leader in endurance sports training intelligence and innovation, TriDot is changing the paradigm of triathlon coaching using technology, big data, and advanced analytics. This combination enables TriDot to eliminate the need for manually designed training plans that can take a coach 2-3 hours per week, per athlete to design, monitor, and adjust. TriDot’s nSight™ Engine is the technological centerpiece that enables this benefit. Through the use of patents-pending algorithms, TriDot mines data from an athlete’s physical and performance profile as well as big data TriDot has collected from actual triathletes for over…

Power Versus Stamina in Triathlon Training

Being an endurance athlete for over half of my life, I can safely say I’ve trained the majority of those years the wrong way. I thought, ”I’m an endurance runner so I need solid endurance.”  What I had no knowledge of was the need for stamina … and even more importantly … the need for power. Don’t confuse stamina with endurance.   Endurance is the ability to go as long as possible at whatever pace necessary to achieve said longevity. Stamina, on the other hand, is the percentage of threshold power you can maintain during your expected race time.   For example, if your goal for a half ironman is to complete the bike leg in two and half hours, stamina would be the…

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