The Triathlon Swim: 3 Key Insights Part 3 - Drafting

Our previous discussions of the three key insights within the triathlon swim established an understanding of how and why start position and sighting in an open water race are both influential to your overall triathlon swim success. While sighting is an especially invaluable skill, it (sometimes) loses its necessity once you’re drafting behind a competent swimmer. And that’s only the beginning of the advantages. Yes, indeed, the benefits of drafting are substantial. Drafting Ever been on a group ride with a litter of road cyclists and led the pack? What happens when you fall into the middle of the group? Suddenly you’re coasting, yet the pace hasn’t dropped. Until you’ve experienced group drafting on the bike for yourself, you might…

How to Legally Draft on the Bike in a Triathlon

To those most intimate with the sport, drafting on the bike in triathlon is language to be feared. Draft-legal races – meaning the ability to draft behind others on the bike leg without penalty – are few and far between in the triathlon world, especially in the United States. However, the non-draft triathlon is a bit of a misnomer. Drafting on the bike is still legally available to all, albeit to a much lesser degree. This is due to the nature of USAT and WTC non-drafting rules for age group athletes. The USAT rulebook upholds that “no participant shall permit his drafting zone to intersect with or remain intersected with the drafting zone of a leading cyclist or that of…

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