What's Your TriDot?

What reaction would you get if you asked a fellow triathlete, "What's Your TriDot?" Today, they'd probably give you an expression similar to the "eyes-wide-open-with-a-straight-line-mouth" Emoji face. But the reality is the TriDot Score can change triathlete conversations about training, performance and potential.  Think of it like a golf handicap. If you're a 19 handicap and you're talking to a 2 handicap, you immediately have context for the conversation. The same is true of the TriDot Score. Before you start weeks of triathlon training, wouldn't it be great if you could quantify your overall triathlon fitness with a baseline score? And get a score for each discipline too? What if these scores helped identify which areas offer the biggest training payoff (i.e. better results, more efficient training) and served a role in tracking your progress? You can and…

TriDot Introduces the Next Level of Advanced Analytics Triathlon Training

Unique Blend of Technology and Coaching Improves Performance in Up to 30% Less Training Time Southlake, Texas – TriDot, a dynamic, advanced analytics software and coaching model in triathlon training and performance, announced today they have launched their new website and robust athlete dashboard with new training tools and significant enhancements to the original TriDot platform.  TriDot's predictive analytics and big data discover hidden insight in triathlon training data. This leads athletes to better results in up to 30% less training time, saves coaches hours per week in training plan design, and supports TriDot’s mission to be the undisputed leader in triathlon training intelligence and innovation. The company offers a free, full-access 14-day trial to enable athletes to fully experience…
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TriDot and LAVA Magazine Introduce First-of-its-Kind IRONMAN Course Rating Index

New IronIndex to Rate Difficulty of all IRONMAN Full Iron Races in LAVA’s Road to Kona Issue    Southlake, Texas – TriDot and LAVA Magazine announced an exclusive partnership today to jointly promote TriDot’s new IronIndex Triathlon Course Rating in LAVA’s “Road to Kona” February/March 2016 issue. The issue will rate and rank each IRONMAN (140.6) triathlon course. TriDot, known for its highly personalized, analytics-based triathlon training software, used its data intelligence assets to create the proprietary 1-100 point difficulty index for any iron-distance triathlon course. The index is a 1-100 composite index measuring each course’s level of difficulty based on three sub-indexes:  Terrain & Climate, Strength of Field, and Body Mass Variance. TriDot’s variable-weighting science factors these three indices…

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