TriDot’s Preseason Project 2020: Improved Times, Inspired Testimonials

The best time to get faster and stronger isn’t in the middle of a grueling triathlon season when you’re constantly racing and recovering; but when you can invest quality time and focus on your training. That’s what the Preseason Project (PSP) is all about. And TriDot has been perfecting it since 2011. PSP is an annual, season-long triathlon study designed to measure and improve training efficiency, measuring the incremental performance gains achieved through TriDot's triathlon training optimization. With 13,000+ participants in every half and full Ironman event in the U.S. and Canada, actual training and race data is used to determine triathlon race ability improvement between athletes who used TriDot and those who didn't (the "baseline"). The project derives its…

TriDot Preseason Project 2013 Results

Preseason Project 2013 was a huge success...thanks to the 837 athletes who participated! How would you like a 35-minute improvement on your half distance or 1 hour and 5 minutes on your full distance triathlon?  Read on. TriDot's Preseason Project 2013 Results Highlights (9:34)   The Preseason Project was designed to test and improve the effectiveness and proven science of TriDot preseason (and inseason) training.  We leveraged data from participating athletes to provide a precise and accurate comparison of triathlon race ability improvement between those who trained with the TriDot system and those who trained without it. Among the large population for this project, athletes fell into four unique groups.  Preseason-Only, Inseason-Only, Full-Season, and Control Groups. Preseason-Only comprised athletes who…

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