Preseason Training: The Optimal Time for Performance Enhancement

Training in the race season is largely dictated by the logistics and demands of an athlete’s upcoming races, but the preseason presents several opportunities for significant improvement and great results in the race season to come.  When athletes are not required to train specifically for their next race, they are able to make measurable gains and address areas of weakness and opportunity.  So while many athletes are “taking some time off” before the next race season, others are making substantial advancements in their technique and performance level that will give them a competitive edge. Consider these five areas for possible progress: “Fast before far, strong before long” This principle describes one of TriDot’s core training and preseason objectives—maximizing an athlete’s…

TriDot Preseason Project 2013 Results

Preseason Project 2013 was a huge success...thanks to the 837 athletes who participated! How would you like a 35-minute improvement on your half distance or 1 hour and 5 minutes on your full distance triathlon?  Read on. TriDot's Preseason Project 2013 Results Highlights (9:34)   The Preseason Project was designed to test and improve the effectiveness and proven science of TriDot preseason (and inseason) training.  We leveraged data from participating athletes to provide a precise and accurate comparison of triathlon race ability improvement between those who trained with the TriDot system and those who trained without it. Among the large population for this project, athletes fell into four unique groups.  Preseason-Only, Inseason-Only, Full-Season, and Control Groups. Preseason-Only comprised athletes who…

Tri Terms: Preseason-vs-Inseason

TriDot defines an athlete's "Preseason" as the time beginning a few weeks after that athlete’s last triathlon in one season to about four months before their first one in the following season . By contrast, their “In-season” is the time starting about four months before their first race of the season through their last race of that same season.   “Preseason Training” provides athletes with the best opportunity to improve their functional threshold power/pace for the coming season.  This threshold represents their race potential.  The preseason also gives athletes the unique opportunity to do the training that's optimal for them versus being forced to do the long sessions or high volume necessary to complete the race distance--unless of course these type…

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