Two Important Metrics for New Triathletes

Talk to an experienced triathlete and the conversation may soon lead into a discussion of stroke count, drag coefficients, intensity factor, and normalized power. While measuring and analyzing such factors can certainly be beneficial, it’s easy for new triathletes to become overwhelmed. As a new triathlete, you are still learning how to balance the training hours and gear involved with swimming, biking, and running. You don’t need to get “bogged down” with the finer details of training. Instead, here are the top two metrics to track for new triathletes: (Hint: If you’re new to triathlon, TriDot is specially designed to help you.) 1. Time Time is easily tracked by all athletes — even those who shy away from other forms…

Inspirational Triathlon Technology - The Training Plan

What do you remember the older, simpler times of endurance sports training? How nostalgic do you get reminiscing about the more traditional days of training when it was just you versus the clock? Especially for an older generation, there remains something elegantly satisfying in training under the pretense of simplicity. Yet one would be remiss to suggest there are no benefits from the advancements in endurance-aiding tools our current engineers and scientists have bestowed upon us. Like it or not, technology is a valuable asset for the triathlete in training. The rules haven’t changed. It’s still you versus the elements, the competition, and the clock. But in preparation for race day, we now have tools and systems at our disposal.…

The Top 3 Triathlon Metrics Most Triathletes Ignore But Shouldn’t – Part III

Previously in this series, we’ve discussed the top three triathlon metrics most triathletes are ignoring but really shouldn’t.  So far we’ve covered Functional Threshold and Bike-to-Run Factor. Lastly, we’ll analyze your Race Execution Percentage (or under the TriDot System the RaceX %) by learning what this is and why it’s so important. Race execution as a triathlon metric may sound strange, but it’s more obvious than you might think. After all, executing on race day is what this is all about! TriDot uses predictive analytics to improve and predict your performance.  For this reason, our proprietary tool, RaceX, is highly instrumental in projecting performance so you can intelligently achieve what you didn’t think was possible. I’m often surprised how many…

The Top 3 Triathlon Metrics Most Triathletes Ignore But Shouldn’t – Part II

Yesterday I introduced the first of three triathlon metrics many triathletes are ignoring but shouldn’t: Functional Threshold. This is a key data metric athletes need to know to improve power capabilities in order to optimize their training and performance. The second key metric the triathlete in training should be paying attention to is their Bike-to-Run Factor (B2R). TriDot uses this key data point to effectively and efficiently train athletes in the bike and run disciplines for the best and most optimized results. As many of you know, half and full distance IRONMAN triathlons are bike and run discipline heavy. If your focus is on long course triathlon, the Bike-to-Run Factor is an especially essential triathlon metric. Bike-to-Run Factor is the…

The Top 3 Triathlon Metrics Most Triathletes Ignore But Shouldn’t – Part I

Swimming, biking, and running without the use of metrics may produce some improvements for the triathlete in training, but only to a moderate extent. If there’s one thing that’s been proven in the sport of triathlon, it’s that aimless training is substantially inefficient. Ultimately, numbers do have meaning. Their trends and patterns offer invaluable insight. The more triathletes can correctly interpret and utilize data, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. However, the sport produces so much data! How do you know which metrics are the most important? It’s probably easier to answer this question by looking at three key metrics triathletes shouldn’t ignore:  Functional Threshold, Bike-to-Run Factor (B2R) and Race Execution Percentage (or RaceX %). These…

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