What do New Running-Watch Metrics Really Mean to Triathletes? (Part 2)

Last time we started a post-series talking about running-watch running dynamics and what part cadence plays as a metric for triathletes. Today we’ll be covering two other metrics that new running-watches are capable of tracking and discuss why you should be paying attention to them. Ground Contact Time In all honesty, the remaining metrics are really only derivatives to that of run cadence. However, these are still great data values to track and are very representative of where you are in your running form. Ground contact time (GCT) is literally the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground upon each step. This metric is measured in milliseconds. Naturally, as speed increases your ground contact time decreases.…

What do New Running-Watch Metrics Really Mean to Triathletes? (Part I)

“Metrics” has been one of the fancier new buzzwords to grace the triathlon scene in recent years. Athletes want proof that the payment in suffering they’ve footed will recoup dividends in return. And why shouldn’t they? Visual evidence of improvement is a confidence booster and a predictive tool of what to expect come race day. For the triathlete focusing on his or her run training, an advanced running watch capable of providing advanced metrics makes a lot of sense. This is direct feedback related to the triathlete’s running form and provides confirmation as to whether or not the athlete is improving in technique or declining. But what do those metrics really mean? Over the next two posts we’ll look at…

Inspirational Triathlon Technology - The Training Plan

What do you remember the older, simpler times of endurance sports training? How nostalgic do you get reminiscing about the more traditional days of training when it was just you versus the clock? Especially for an older generation, there remains something elegantly satisfying in training under the pretense of simplicity. Yet one would be remiss to suggest there are no benefits from the advancements in endurance-aiding tools our current engineers and scientists have bestowed upon us. Like it or not, technology is a valuable asset for the triathlete in training. The rules haven’t changed. It’s still you versus the elements, the competition, and the clock. But in preparation for race day, we now have tools and systems at our disposal.…

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