What's the Minimum Training Needed for a Full IRONMAN Triathlon

I’ve finished nine IRONMANs thus far in my triathlon career. All of my finishing times have hovered between the 8.5 and 9.5-hour marks. Now before assumptions are made, trust me when I say I’m not trying to gloat. After all the suffering and the tumultuous emotions experienced in these races, I simply cannot fathom how most athletes are out there hell-bent on finishing no matter what the cost – for 12, 13, even 17 hours! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these IRONMAN athletes are tougher than I’ll ever be. I know with certainty that the men and women pushing forward for that length of time are experiencing more pain longer than what I had to endure.…

The Triathlon Swim: 3 Key Insights Part 2 - Sighting

Yesterday we initiated a conversation on the three key insights for the triathlon swim by discussing the importance of the start position. Today we’re moving on to an even greater insight – sighting. Sighting What will often separate one who has trained for the pool from one who has trained for the triathlon swim is the ability to ascertain the shortest distance between two points. Hours upon hours of obtaining proper technique and superior swim endurance are all reduced to nothing if you don’t know how to lift your head out of the water to “sight” a buoy. A focus on swimming faster with little concentration on direction is a silly gamble to roll the dice on for a few…

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