Supporting women on their journey to
the ironman world championship
Supporting women on their journey to the ironman world championship

Invitation to Apply

Women from around the world are invited to apply for Team Nice 2024, a women’s racing team created by TriDot that exists to support and empower female athletes as they attempt to qualify, and prepare, for the 2024 IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, FA on October 14, 2023.

Team Benefits

Beyond the Optimized Triathlon Training you’ll receive from TriDot, Team Nice 2024 includes camaraderie, guidance, swag, and other perks:

  • Insider Knowledge virtual events, and coaching guidance from:
    • 6x IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen
    • 3x IRONMAN World Champion Mirinda (“Rinny”) Carfrae
    • IRONMAN World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Michellie Jones
    • Other world-class TriDot coaches
  • Exclusive Team Nice 2024 Facebook group
  • Choice of Team Nice 2024 hat or visor + swim cap for those who qualify for the team.
  • Exclusive Team Nice 2024 Qualifier gear package for those who have earned their slot to the 2023 IRONMAN World Championship. Access to purchase additional exclusive Team Nice 2024 Qualifier gear.
  • Early Bird access and special rates for TriDot Pool School.


  • Must be a woman seeking qualification, or have already qualified, for the 2024 IRONMAN World Championship in Nice, France.
  • To maintain eligibility, athlete must be an active subscriber of TriDot’s Mark Allen Edition or Premium tier.
Interested in Applying?

Learn more and apply using the link below.


Q: Can I be a member of other triathlon teams in addition to Team Nice 2024?
A: Yes! Being a member of Team Nice 2024 does not bar you from being a member of other groups (i.e. Team Zoot).

Q: Can I be part of Nice 2024 2023 if I don’t use TriDot?
A: Members are required to be TriDot athletes that have a dedicated TriDot coach or use TriDot’s Mark Allen Edition.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: There is no time required of you beyond that which you are already spending to train! There will be a variety of fun, educational and motivational events available for you that you can take advantage of as you wish.