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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not satisfied with results or service?

If you’re not satisfied with your results or service in any way, please let us know through one of our many support channels. We’d love the opportunity to make things right. TriDot subscriptions are pay-as-you-go with no long-term commitment, so you’re able to cancel at any time and for any reason.

Does TriDot offer coaching?

Yes. TriDot’s Premium subscription comes with a dedicated coach and unlimited coach communication. TriDot still optimizes your training program. So, your training isn’t based on a coach’s personal philosophy, theories, or what may have worked for them. TriDot uses technology to do what technology does best—analyze data—so coaches can do what coaches do best—work with people!

What if I only have limited time to train?

If you’re training for a triathlon and have limited time to train, then your training time is extremely precious. It’s vital that you’re spending that time wisely and getting the most from it. TriDot has a ‘low volume’ training preference setting specifically for athletes who are time constrained to ensure they get the most benefit from what little time they have to train!

What level of support is available?

TriDot has an on-demand support center, knowledgebase, resource videos, and full time support staff. Our goal is to ensure the support and overall experience you have with TriDot is as exceptional as your training results!

What level athlete is TriDot most appropriate for?

TriDot is appropriate for triathletes of all performance levels. TriDot’s algorithms are designed from more than a decade of training and race data from first timers to Kona qualifiers and every level in between. No matter what your performance level, doing the right training and getting the most from it is incredibly valuable.

What type of training device do I need?

A heart rate monitor is not ‘required’ but is highly encouraged. A heart rate monitor with GPS for run pacing is much better. For cycling, a power meter or smart trainer is great, but definitely not required.