The Buzz Around the TrainX Challenge

A successful 2020 starts with a strategic preseason

Your renewed strategy and focused work in the preseason are where next year's race results begin. And this year, the preseason just got even better! We recently launched the TrainX Challenge, partnering with such noted brands as Cervelo, Garmin, State Wheels, ROKA, TriBike Transport, Rudy Project, TriTats, and UCAN. More than $50,000 in prizes will be awarded for “doing the RIGHT training RIGHT.” 

Jeff Booher, founder and CEO of TriDot, said, “We’re certainly excited about all the incredible prizes—22 smart trainers in 22 weeks along with a $22,000 Ultimate Triathlon Dream Package giveaway. But our goal isn’t to give away free trainers, it’s to give athletes the opportunity to use TriDot, our sport’s best training, and let them see how much their performances improve.”

But you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Listen in on the “Challenge Buzz” from TriDot 

“The TrainX Challenge reminded me of everything I loved about TriDot and training. It mixes the challenge with fun and in the end makes me a better triathlete.” - Cindy Walters

“The TrainX Challenge is just the nudge I need to stay focused during the preseason. I’ve been thinking (dreaming) about purchasing a new trainer for over a year and now I have some incentive. The great thing is that this challenge is a no-lose proposition. Either way I benefit....I’m feeling lucky AND disciplined!” - Bill Perkins 

The cornerstone of the TrainX Challenge is TriDot’s TrainX Score. TrainX is TriDot’s proprietary analytic algorithm that evaluates a triathlete’s “training execution” of prescribed, optimized workouts relative to its value and impact on overall performance improvement. TrainX scores individual training sessions, weekly training, and multi-weekly training periods based on TriDot’s comprehensive and customized triathlon optimization.

Athletes love the TrainX Score

“TrainX Challenge = personal success. The challenge forces me to compete with myself for the best score possible. The TrainX Score helps hold me accountable. The challenge also is a great relationship building tool throughout the TriDot community. You all motivate me to keep going and reach new levels.” - Heather McAlinn  #IAmTriDot

“TrainX is one of my favorite features of TriDot because it provides instant feedback on how well I executed each workout. As a goal driven person, I am always striving for the perfect score. I trust TriDot to make me a better athlete. The fact that I could win a smart trainer or an ultimate tri package is icing on the cake!” - Cheryl Tezuka

Booher added, “The motto behind our inaugural TrainX Challenge is to ‘consistently do the right training right,’ because we know that if athletes follow their prescribed, optimized training, they’re going to achieve better results in less time with fewer injuries. And if they get a new Tacx smart trainer, Cervelo P5 bike, or ROKA wetsuit in the process, we’re happy to provide that to them to introduce them to TriDot.”

Doing the RIGHT training RIGHT produces results:

“Doing the right training right is what provides the best results and is what TriDot is all about. The TrainX Challenge uses a fun, competitive and motivating platform to highlight this philosophy. The real secret is all that compete in the challenge will be winners, either by seeing increases in their fitness or walking away with some pretty awesome swag!” - Mark Griffin 

“Winter training is tough but the TrainX Challenge has brought the excitement and motivation back. Never thought the development phase could be so fun! Wouldn’t hurt to win that Cervelo P5 either.” - Kristin Overton #IAmTriDot

“TrainX Challenge! YES! I love everything about this idea...time of year...making it achievable each week (gives you flexibility to enjoy the holidays and still hit 60)… incentive to keep consistent training in the off season. Time to really follow the plan and get even stronger! Thanks for this fun and exciting push to do it right!” -Tracey Donnelly Locher

Find out more about the TrainX Challenge here: www.TriDot.com/TrainXChallenge.

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