TriDot Check-In: Yu Hsiao - Part Two

What attracted you to TriDot? How did you first hear about it?

I appreciated TriDot’s scientific approach to training. None of the training is left to guessing.

I first heard about it through my coach, Nicholas Thompson, whose impressive career I’ve followed over the years. When I heard he was coaching for TriDot I contacted him.

What is the uniqueness of TriDot from other training systems and technologies?

No other coaching platform has the comprehensive software engine that generates a training plan based on countless data compiled over the years. TriDot’s training is driven by data and science, and is then adjusted by experienced coaches which I think makes for a perfect combination for high performance sports.

How has TriDot helped you excel?

It has made me realize that I don’t have to train that hard that often to improve and perform. The amount of quality needed weekly is much less than I expected. I’ve been able to improve, maintain my fitness, and not burn out over a whole season.

What is your favorite feature of TriDot?

I really love the RaceX feature where the split times for each leg are predicted.  It predicted my IRONMAN run leg to the minute. It’s very accurate within 2-3 minutes.

Was TriDot hard to use initially?

Nope not at all.

Has TriDot changed your view of training?

It has made me realize that when I train hard I have to train really hard, and when I train easy I have to train super easy. It’s about training at the right intensity and the right amount at the right time.

How has your TriDot coach been beneficial in your triathlon career?

I’ve been working with Nicholas Thompson for two years and I’ve improved greatly under his guidance. He has taught me to balance my triathlon life and life outside of triathlon, and also taught me a lot of interesting and helpful things about how to mentally approach training and racing. Most importantly, over the last season he has changed the way I train and eat and has completely transformed me as an athlete.

What goals do you have?

I would love to break the 4-hour barrier for a half IRONMAN at an honest course. I’d also like to break 8:30 for the full IRONMAN and Ive got a deluded dream of qualifying for Kona as a professional.

How has triathlon influenced and changed your life?

Triathlon has allowed me to dream big and experience things that I’d never thought I’d do: compete against the best triathletes in the world as a professional. It allowed me to see the world by traveling to different cities to swim, bike, and run.

But most importantly, it has shown me that sport is not just about talent and pure hard work. Sport is about execution, holding the correct form for each sport, and being as efficient as possible. I have improved myself to be a competitive professional by simply working on my technique in all three sports. My first half IRONMAN was 4:36, and my best was 4:01 in 2016. I credit most of the improvement to the refinement of my technique. I’ve learned a lot studying each sport and watching the great athletes move. Triathlon has made me appreciate all sportsman across any sport, whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, etc.

YU HSIAO is a professional triathlete who has completed more than 40 races in his short career, including several top ten finishes and overall wins. He has a personal best of 4:01 in the half IRONMAN and 8:49 in the full IRONMAN. Having earned the reputation of being a “beast” because of his tenacity and heart, his goal is to qualify for Kona this year as a professional. When not training and racing, he is an engineer in Silicon Valley.

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