TriDot Enables Coaches to Grow Their Business

TriDot's Technology saves coaches up to 3 hours per week per athlete in training plan design.

Southlake, Texas – As part of its continued mission to be the undisputed leader in endurance sports training intelligence and innovation, TriDot is changing the paradigm of triathlon coaching using technology, big data, and advanced analytics. This combination enables TriDot to eliminate the need for manually designed training plans that can take a coach 2-3 hours per week, per athlete to design, monitor, and adjust.

TriDot’s nSight™ Engine is the technological centerpiece that enables this benefit. Through the use of patents-pending algorithms, TriDot mines data from an athlete’s physical and performance profile as well as big data TriDot has collected from actual triathletes for over 10 years. This process finds trends, patterns, and relationships in data that reveal hidden and underlying training and performance insight other plans lack.

The end result is a digitally produced training plan that improves results in up to 30% less training time. It allows coaches to provide unmatched personalization and optimization. TriDot adjusts as an athlete trains and provides flexibility for coach input and adjustment along the way.

Today, most coaches train athletes using their personal coaching theory, traditional methods which have worked in the past with other athletes, a one-size-fits-all template or trial and error. TriDot takes a different approach, believing athletes benefit most from training that uses a unique blend of art (coaching) and science (technology).

In short, TriDot enables athletes to be their best by letting technology do what technology does best – optimize data – so coaches can do what coaches do best – guide and motivate athletes to be their best.

The benefits of TriDot are invaluable because we offer both a rear view mirror (descriptive) look at training through historical views and data and a windshield view (prescriptive and predictive) of future training and race results. This answers a coach’s most challenging training questions such as:  

  1. How do you most effectively quantify an athlete’s current abilities?
  2. How do you determine an athlete’s improvement potential?
  3. How do you compare an athlete’s ability between disciplines (swim to bike to run)?
  4. Where do you focus an athlete’s training workload and to what degree?
  5. How can you translate an athlete’s complete data profile to meaningful, more efficient training that produces better results?

TriDot delivers better quality and improved results in up to 30% less training time while freeing up valuable time coaches spend writing training plans. This enables coaches to grow their business by using the new-found time to increase revenue by adding additional athletes or offer more time and attention to their current athletes.

    TriDot Coach Jared Milam explains, “I’ve had numerous athletes obtain personal records by using TriDot. TriDot makes my job as a coach so much easier. For example, coaches must continuously monitor an athlete’s training, determine the athlete’s threshold capacity in each discipline, and assign the correct training intensities for subsequent training days. TriDot solves that equation for me while freeing up hours in productivity per week!”

    TriDot's coaching business model provides lucrative earning potential and allows coaches to maintain their own brand if they so desire.  

    Coaches are eligible to receive athlete referrals from TriDot, are actively promoted by TriDot, can participate in providing content for TriDot’s marketing channels (i.e. social media, blogs, podcasts, etc.), receive a business-starter kit, and are eligible for business-building financial bonuses.

    As part of TriDot’s recent application enhancements, they are currently seeking to expand their base of coaches across the U.S. Today, there are more than 35 TriDot Coaches from Detroit to Dallas and Miami to San Francisco – and even two in Australia.

    For more information about becoming a TriDot Coach, email John Mayfield, TriDot’s Director of Coaching Services and Athlete Education at john.mayfield@tridot.com.

    About TriDot: TriDot inspires and empowers athletes and coaches in its mission to be the undisputed leader in athletic training intelligence and innovation. As a knowledge-based software and coaching model in triathlon training and performance for athletes and coaches, TriDot takes the guesswork out of training with its patents-pending algorithms that combine an athlete’s physical, biometric and performance profile with the big data triathlete performance metrics TriDot has collected for over 10 years. It's predictive analytics technology that identifies critical trends, patterns, and relationships in training data to reveal the hidden and underlying insight. This critical knowledge leads to highly personalized and optimized triathlon training and enables TriDot to predict athlete performance with incredible accuracy. Athletes experience improved results in up to 30% less training time because better insight changes everything.

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