TriDot Introduces the Next Level of Advanced Analytics Triathlon Training

Unique Blend of Technology and Coaching Improves Performance in Up to 30% Less Training Time

Southlake, Texas – TriDot, a dynamic, advanced analytics software and coaching model in triathlon training and performance, announced today they have launched their new website and robust athlete dashboard with new training tools and significant enhancements to the original TriDot platform. 

TriDot's predictive analytics and big data discover hidden insight in triathlon training data. This leads athletes to better results in up to 30% less training time, saves coaches hours per week in training plan design, and supports TriDot’s mission to be the undisputed leader in triathlon training intelligence and innovation.

The company offers a free, full-access 14-day trial to enable athletes to fully experience the benefits of analytics-based training.

“TriDot offers a powerful combination of technology, data, and coaching that provides training advantages not currently available in the marketplace,” said Jeff Booher, TriDot CEO, founder, and four-time IRONMAN. “We discover key data patterns, trends, and relationships which translate to highly personalized training and race execution.”

TriDot’s nSight Analytics Engine remains the centerpiece of their proprietary technology. This engine uses patents-pending algorithms to combine an athlete's collective profile data with big data representing triathlete performance metrics TriDot has collected since 2004. 

Other enhancements TriDot is introducing include:

  • A new and more analytics-based online experience at www.tridot.com
  • Integration with training device manufacturers Garmin and Polar
  • A significant content relationship with Endurance Films
  • New do-it-yourself (DIY) training log that’s free with Garmin/Polar integration
  • New athlete preference settings (i.e. days off and desired training volumes)
  • New Season Planning Tool that enables athletes to analyze season schedule options
  • New EnviroNorm Technology that normalizes the impact of environmental elements
  • A revised TriDot Score range of 1-100

“Insight changes everything,” adds Bill Glenn, CMO and Chief Revenue Officer of TriDot. “Many talk about the importance of data. But only TriDot uses advanced analytics technology to turn data into actionable insight that truly makes a difference."

In addition to TriDot’s new website, dashboard, and media center, the company has introduced new partner programs designed to increase revenue for triathlon clubs and event producers. The company is also expanding their coaching program which offers lucrative compensation opportunities, quality coach support services, and the ability to significantly increase productivity.

Booher adds, “It’s simple, we let technology do what technology does best – optimize data – so coaches can do what coaches do best – educate, guide, and motivate athletes to be their best."

About TriDot: TriDot provides advanced analytics triathlon training and coaching software that discovers critical trends, patterns, and relationships in training data, revealing key hidden and underlying insight. This knowledge results in optimized and dynamic training that improves results in up to 30% less training time and saves coaches hours a week in training plan design.


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