TriDot Preseason Project 2013 Results

Preseason Project 2013 was a huge success...thanks to the 837 athletes who participated!

How would you like a 35-minute improvement on your half distance or 1 hour and 5 minutes on your full distance triathlon?  Read on.

TriDot's Preseason Project 2013 Results Highlights (9:34)


The Preseason Project was designed to test and improve the effectiveness and proven science of TriDot preseason (and inseason) training.  We leveraged data from participating athletes to provide a precise and accurate comparison of triathlon race ability improvement between those who trained with the TriDot system and those who trained without it.

Among the large population for this project, athletes fell into four unique groups.  Preseason-Only, Inseason-Only, Full-Season, and Control Groups.

  • Preseason-Only comprised athletes who took the initial assessments, trained with TriDot during the preseason, and then dropped out of the program after the free training period (60 days).
  • Inseason-Only comprised athletes who were not part of the Preseason Project but trained with TriDot during their inseason only (3 to 4 months leading up to their A-priority race).
  • Full-Season comprises athletes who took part in the Preseason Project and continued with TriDot through their inseason all the way up to their A-priority race.
  • Control comprised the athletes who did not train using TriDot.  They took the initial assessments, did not train with TriDot, but did complete a half or full triathlon in 2014.

The Preseason Project (PSP) focused on each athlete's race ability at the start of their preseason training and compared it to their actual race performance to show the effectiveness of their training.  The initial assessments, which each athlete completed, gave us their threshold ability and potential race ability.  We were then able to compare everyone's potential race ability based on thresholds to their actual race performances to determine which athletes reached the most of their potential.  


The results speak for themselves.  Obviously, the Full-Season Group had the most training days using TriDot out of the four groups.  And as expected, this group showed the greatest improvement from threshold ability and potential race ability to their actual race performance.  What was surprising, however, was how dramatic the improvement was; especially in comparison to the other three groups.  Watch the video for a breakdown of the athlete's half and full triathlon improvements.

Some key findings were the following:

  • Full-Season TriDot athletes showed almost double the performance improvement as Preseason-Only or Inseason-Only (doing non-TriDot training during the other training period).
  • A total of 89% of the TriDot Full-Season Group improved their race ability compared to only 40% of the Control Group.  (All went "farther".  Not all got "faster".)
  • TriDot’s Full-Season Group outperformed the Control Group by 33 minutes 37 seconds at the half distance.
  • TriDot’s Full-Season Group outperformed the Control Group by 1 hour 17 minutes 36 seconds at the full distance.
  • The Control Group athletes increased how far they could go, but only marginally improved their ‘race ability'.  They did not reach their race potential, and probably never knew what their race potential was.  Sadly, this likely gave them a false sense of improvement.  They trained themselves to go further but did not get faster.

The most important takeaway from PSP, however, is that this research makes TriDot even more intelligent going into next year.  This benefits athletes in all groups (except the Control Group, obviously)!  It gets better with each athlete that uses it.

More about the Preseason Project:  www.preseasonproject.com 

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