TriDot’s Preseason Project 2020: Improved Times, Inspired Testimonials

The best time to get faster and stronger isn’t in the middle of a grueling triathlon season when you’re constantly racing and recovering; but when you can invest quality time and focus on your training.

That’s what the Preseason Project (PSP) is all about. And TriDot has been perfecting it since 2011.

PSP is an annual, season-long triathlon study designed to measure and improve training efficiency, measuring the incremental performance gains achieved through TriDot's triathlon training optimization. With 13,000+ participants in every half and full Ironman event in the U.S. and Canada, actual training and race data is used to determine triathlon race ability improvement between athletes who used TriDot and those who didn't (the "baseline").

The project derives its name from the time of the season it kicks off—the "preseason"— which is the 4-5 months before the next race season starts.

Regardless of an athlete’s age or experience level, PSP alumni outcomes are impressive:


Age: 54

Gender: female

Occupation: commonwealth’s attorney

Before TriDot:

“Prior to TriDot, I used several different training programs and one prior coach. I often felt drained leading into my races and not refreshed and ready to go. My husband found TriDot’s Preseason Project online. I participated in the PSP at the beginning of December 2016.” 

TriDot training:

“TriDot offers much more feedback and information about overall fitness during training and racing than the other programs I have used. The workouts are geared to getting you ready to race without being overtrained or injured. I noticed a definite difference in how I felt after my training sessions and because of that, I wanted to continue to explore what the TriDot program could do for me.”

“John Mayfield was always available to answer questions and provide positive feedback. I appreciate how interactive he is and his practical and positive approach to coaching and racing.”


“I think TriDot offers the best program for triathletes. Specifically, as an older triathlete with a lot of miles of training and racing, this program has been critical in keeping me competitive and healthy. 2017 was my first Ironman and the TriDot program was essential to a great day and great experience. I am convinced I would not be able to perform consistently without this program.”


Age: 24

Gender: male

Occupation: student/graduate researcher (president of the Clemson triathlon club)

Before TriDot:

“My first unofficial attempt at a triathlon was in my own neighborhood when I was around 10 years old. My next unofficial attempt was shortly after I turned 20 on vacation with a friend in South Carolina. The next year, this same friend and I trained for our first official triathlon at the 2017 Beach Blast Triathlon in Port St. Joe, FL. I raced the Olympic distance. I had never experienced such a grueling endurance event, and I found myself panicking during the swim and struggling to keep up during the bike.”

“My cousin used TriDot to train for his first half and full attempts, so I first participated in PSP (on his advice) in the winter of 2016-2017.”

TriDot training:

“The collegiate club partnerships were what convinced me to pursue the TriDot training experience. Since then, I have seen massive fitness gains and have had no regrets.

Coach Jeff Raines has advised me on a number of aspects of training.”

The Results:

“I am most proud of my age group state championship this past summer at the Clemson Triathlon. Especially for those who often use the excuse of being "too busy to train," TriDot is an amazing tool for maximizing performance while minimizing time lost throughout the week.”

Did you know? 

TriDot users improved 2.4x more than coached athletes (without TriDot).

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